Chris Warren and Duncan Gipson have been working together for twenty years, and David Ward joined the team in 2012. They all have backgrounds in equestrianism, and it’s their prowess for horsemanship that has led them to hold the reputation as Equine Dentists of the elite. The proof is in the pudding, and with top clients including; Scott Brash, Tina Cook, Dane Rawlins, Peter Charles, William Funnell, Shane Breen, and Fiona Bigwood to name but a few – It’s safe to say that Chris, Duncan, and David are exceptional at what they do.


  • Chris Warren EDT Cat 2
    Category 2 Qualified Dentist, WWAED Committee Member, WWAED Disciplinary Representative, WWAED Examiner, WWAED Full Member
  • Duncan Gipson EDT Cat 2
    Category 2 Qualified Dentist, WWAED Head of Disciplinary Committee WWAED Head Steward, WWAED Full Member.
  • David Ward EDT Cat 1
    Category 1 Qualified Dentist, WWAED Provisional Member


The WWAED is an independent association of equine dentist. The WWAED is one of the two dentistry association in the UK that can hold category 2 exemption examinations. All the partners are members of the WWAED. With both Chris and Duncan having attained the DEFRA and RCVS Approved Level 2 qualification, the only officially recognised equine dentistry qualification in the UK. Chris is a WWAED Disciplinary Committee Member and Examiner. Duncan is a WWAED Head Steward and WWAED head of disciplinary committee.