Exceptional horsemanship
for your exceptional horse

Most people know Chris Warren, Duncan Gipson and David Ward as the equine dentists able to work magic, notably due to their extraordinary horsemanship skills. Chris, and his team work with their equine patients with such serenity, and skill that only rarely do they use sedation.

You’ll find Chris and the team travelling the country, and in fact – the world, providing owners with the ultimate in equine dentistry care, with superior knowledge and compassion. All the partners have backgrounds in equestrianism, and it’s their prowess for horsemanship that has led them to hold the reputation as Equine Dentists of the elite.


Chris Warren

Chris has spent much of his life surrounded by equines, starting off at the age of eight on ponies, he worked his way up through the ranks of Ponies; going on to have a successful twelve-year career as a national hunt jockey.

At the height of his racing career, he rode in both the Grand National, and The Gold Cup; until, tragedy struck, and an accident cut short his dream career.

Unsure of what to do next, Chris credits Kevin Bacon – the Australian Showjumper – as his inspiration, and for helping to teach him a lot of what he knows about horsemanship. This is what ultimately led him to find his genuine passion – Equine Dentistry.

Category 2 qualified dentist, WWAED committee member, WWAED disciplinary representative, WWAED examiner, WWAED full member

WWAED Directory: Chris Warren

Duncan Gipson

Duncan began his life with horses when he was 16 and began training with a local BHS Examiner and Dressage Coach. At age 18 he was selected for the British Young Rider Dressage Team. Over the past 25 years he has carried on Riding And Training Horses and Riders and has been lucky enough to be involved with horses competing at the London and Rio Olympic Games amongst many other Championships.

He became interested in Equine Dentistry around 1998 whilst riding full time, as the Benefits of regular dental treatments became apparent.

Duncan has continued to marry the Equine Dental Training he has completed, being the Category 2 Exam and the Training of horses to be able to provide his clients with a full overview of the horses he attends and how to achieve the best results form Horse and Rider.

Duncan and the Team are currently involved in treating horses across the UK and many other countries. At present they are responsible for riders from 6 different Championship Teams.

Duncan is currently The Disciplinary Officer for the World Wide Association of Equine Dentists and is involved in the Continual Personal Development Training that is supplied by the WWEAD.

Category 2 qualified dentist, WWAED Head of disciplinary committee, WWAED head steward, WWAED full member

WWAED Directory: Duncan Gipson

David Ward

David has been working alongside Chris and Duncan since he was eighteen. His enthusiasm for horses has been with him since he started riding at seven years old. He has done a bit of everything, from show jumping to breaking young horses. He developed his interest for equine dentistry when Chris and Duncan treated his horses.

David started out with a once-a-week work experience program, then it escalated into a full time job. He is now an integral part of the team and travels around the UK and world treating horses. David’s regular trips involve treating show jumpers and dressage horses in Norway and Denmark, and polo ponies in Barbados. In the UK he is kept very busy with a mixed book of clients – everything from hobby ponies to some of the best riders in the UK, such as Fiona Bigwood, Tina Cook and William and Pippa Funnell.

Category 1 qualified dentist, WWAED provisional member

WWAED Directory: David Ward

The WWAED is an independent association of equine dentist. The WWAED is one of the two dentistry association in the UK that can hold category 2 exemption examinations. All the partners are members of the WWAED. With both Chris and Duncan having attained the DEFRA and RCVS Approved Level 2 qualification, the only officially recognised equine dentistry qualification in the UK. Chris is a WWAED Disciplinary Committee Member and Examiner. Duncan is a WWAED Head Steward and WWAED head of disciplinary committee.